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We offer a broad range of solutions including single-tooth implants, Teeth in a Day, All-on-4 and All-on-6.

We have helped thousands of patients regain or improve their appearance and function with dental implants. Our experience, equipment and techniques mean:

  • less pain.
  • more accurate placement.
  • faster healing.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a titanium (or zirconia) screw that effectively replaces the root of a tooth. The surrounding jaw bone grows and bonds to the surface of the implant. This provides a secure attachment which can support one or more teeth. We usually place implants under local anaesthetic, but we do also provide the option of sedation for nervous patients.

A single implant can be used used to support a single crown if only one tooth is missing, or if more than one adjacent tooth is missing, an implant-supported bridge can be used – as an example, 2 implants can be used to support a 3 tooth bridge.


When should Dental Implants be placed?

We normally advise you to have implants placed either immediately or within a few months of taking teeth out, as this helps to preserve the part of the jaw bone that gradually disappears in the absence of teeth or implants.

Dental implants can still be placed at a later date, but other procedures may be required to build up more bone (bone augmentation). If required, this is most often done at the same time as implant placement, but in some cases has to be done a few months beforehand. It can be more difficult to replace soft tissue (gum) once it has been lost, so early placement can improve aesthetics.

We recommend that most implant cases have a CBCT scan (3D bone scan) done beforehand. This provides a reliable and accurate assessment of the bone, so we know in advance the size and ideal position of implants. It will also allow us to determine if any bone augmentation procedures will be necessary.

What if you have been told that you do not have enough bone?

It is unusual to see a case where we cannot find a solution. We can treat the vast majority of cases by augmenting the existing bone with one of various techniques, or placing implants where bone still exists (such as the All-on-4 technique).

* – T&Cs apply. Please quote ‘IM18’ when booking the appointment. A CBCT scan will only be taken for suitable cases after the initial proposed treatment plan has been accepted.


Dental Implants Offer A Permanent Solution For Your Missing Teeth and available for as little as £2 per day.