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Orthodontic treatment helps to reposition the teeth to improve your smile, bite, facial profile and jaw relationship.

UK Smile provides comprehensive orthodontics in London for both children and adults. The majority of our patients are being treated with one of our discreet options for treatment. These include Incognito Lingual BracesInvisalign or Damon Clear.

Dr Athyr Al-Killidar’s treatment philosophy is to plan treatment on how it will effect your facial profile and the jaw joints. Consequently, your plan will be based on a facially driven smile design. In the past, space requirements dictated whether extractions would be required, however  now, arch expansion techniques can usually be used to create space for alignment. We use advanced computerised techniques and our experience to analyse the problem and simulate different approaches for treatment. In most cases, this approach means that the majority of our treatment plans avoid the need to extract permanent teeth.

Locations for orthodontics in London include, Victoria and near Marble Arch. The same doctor will see you throughout your entire treatment wherever possible. He or she will be at the clinic five days per week, so in case of an emergency, you will not have long to wait. In addition, we provide an emergency service outside business hours.

How to get orthodontic treatment?

Step 1. Initial Consultation – we will look at your particular problem, and discuss the treatment options with the advantages and disadvantages of each. You will be given a fixed quote on cost, and an estimate of the duration of active treatment. You will therefore have a clear idea of your options and what to expect before you commit to any treatment. Furthermore, we can often scan your teeth during these consultations and show you a simulation of how they could look after alignment.

Step 2. Diagnostics – diagnostics are the next step once you decide to proceed with treatment. They include x-rays, photographs and 3D scans of your teeth (if they have not already been done). We will then carry out a detailed analysis of these, and confirm that treatment can go ahead as planned.

Step 3. Active Treatment – with the appliance of your choice. This will include regular maintenance visits, typically every 6-8 weeks.

Step 4. Retention – retention is essential after any type of orthodontic treatment, otherwise the teeth are likely to relapse. Whenever possible this will include fixed retainers on the upper and lower front teeth, and a removable retainer at lease for the top teeth. Finally, we will continue to review you for up to 1 year after treatment to ensure that the results are stable.